I envision  a life of freedom, of choice, of pursuing our heart's desires & of learning a hell of a lot along the way. I intend on paving the way and helping others, like yourself, dream your own dreams, live and soak in the life you can't stop thinking about.

I've chosen the enrichment path of self-taught experiences with photography, design, marketing, sales, videography, customer service,  merchandising,  & more for 9 years. This choice has given me the freedom and limitless potential  to step into a role that's more than just a designer. It's about the whole experience that someone has with you - from the welcoming atmosphere of soft morning music as they walk in your doors to the last wave as they're on to the next, it all plays a part of your brand.

Entrepreneurship hit me and it's not letting me go. I truly enjoy it, truly pursue it, and truly take in all the sweet fruits of its labor.  Part of that involves spending the most precious times with my family - and my best girlfriend, our daughter Harbor. We spend our days in our Wisconsin home as a family of three.

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"Brynn is magic. She listens to what you are looking for, and brings so many great ideas to the table. Her honest feedback and thoughtful suggestions are so appreciated. I trust her and love working with her. If you need someone to create a brand strategy that brings your vision to life, you need to talk to Brynn!"

brings your vision to life

amanda edwards, imperfectly ambitious brand & podcast

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// graphic design
// branding


"I have always struggled with consistency in my brand and Brynn’s Brand Guideline has been so helpful! She was able to see my vision and turn it into something beautiful and cohesive. Brynn was so thoughtful and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her branding services!"

beautiful & cohesive

Lauren Aurora, hairstylist

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// graphic design


"I absolutely loved working with Brynn on my new website. She just has this amazing eye when it comes to design and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work with her and to have her design the website of my dreams. I highly recommend working with Brynn."

the website of my dreams

Kinley Kasper, kinley kay beauty studio

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// graphic design


"I cannot say enough great things about Brynn and her work. Once I found Brynn, I was so relieved because I knew that she got it but not only that, she got it fast! She immediately starting sending out logo ideas and I didn't even want to change them. She was so patient with me and I can tell you our business has absolutely boomed since our website launch - she is amazing and you will not regret hiring her."

our business has boomed

megan roberts, JAM features photography

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// website design


"As an SEO specialist, I care A LOT about how a website performs but also how it looks and if it's good for user experience. I knew I would need the best of both those worlds and she killed it. I trusted her creative vision, skills, and expertise and she built me the most beautiful website ever. - there is no where else to look - Brynn is your girl."

there is no where else to look

gaby anderson, highland trail analytics

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