brand guideline

Through the curation of a brand guideline, we develop the visual backbone to your brand. You leave with the tools and knowledge to create an experience that both inspires your audience and allows them visual & emotional connection to all that you have to offer.  

Specific suggestions of how to create your brand experience through photography. EX. what kind of lenses you should be using, editing guidelines, backgrounds and props to use.

Font suite


Color Palette

Photo Inspiration

brand keywords

Photo Editing Style

est delivery 3 weeks

3 round of edits

additional edits at hourly charge


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who might this be for:

You are an owner in need of a refreshed style, or elevated impression.  You feel as though your brand has not kept up with the times & changes - you want to modernize and create a timeless identity.

Missing energy and connection in your brand? You need more customer connection to the heart of your brand. You value engaging with your audience not only transactionally, but emotionally, in order for them to connect on a deeper level and stay loyal.

You're a newer owner that needs the starting blocks for your visual representation. You get stuck trying to piece it all together and it never 'feels' quite right. You're going to launch this business on the right foot & envision a brand that engages and intrigues.


/  Brand guideline

Title, Subtitle, Paragraph. and Supporting font styles. Font guidelines and suggestions included.

Custom colors perfectly selected to fit the heart of your brand while integrating seamlessly into any visual marketing. Color guidelines and suggested combinations included.

A complete moodboard of content to instill and inspire.

Using our conversations as fuel, connecter words will be thoughtfully chosen to make a powerful impact and ensure your brand is intentionally represented through strategic copy.

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