Create the visual backbone of your brand with this Brand Guideline Kit. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, this guide will give you the tools and knowledge to communicate a strong foundation for your business and branding. It will help define your brand purpose and vision, solidify the visual aspects of your brand, and learn how to communicate it all like a pro to your audience.


1. Digital & Printable PDF of the Brand Guideline Kit.

2. Canva template so you can plug-and-play and customize for your own brand.

3. 11 Pages of tips, tools, prompts, and context on how to create your own brand vision.

4. Detailed Instructional Breakdown of each topic and page for you to understand and use easily.

5. Brynn's Video Tutorial walking you through the entire kit & creating a mock brand example for you to see how it can really come together!

6. Bonus: Pro Tips to source fonts, inspiration, and imagery!


  • This Brand Guideline Kit is for business owners that want to create a visual foundation for their brand.

  • Your branding is scattered and inconsistent, or you can't seem to create a visual identity for yourself.

  • You feel lost on where to start, or what is needed in order to have a solid brand aesthetic.

  • You want something quick, easy, and understandable. A kit that you can give to other employees or partners that will display your brand elements in a way they can utilize.


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