Why I Stopped Apologizing for Selling My Business

In all these years, I’ve dreamt of impacting people in a really real way – not like the entire world. I don’t believe I’m meant for that role but for a smaller, more intimate circle of people. In all my previous jobs, it came down to my day-to-day actions and I’d find myself daydreaming when I was selling clothes at my retail job, or taking photos at a social management company – what was it doing to their life. Was it doing them any good?

Then 5 years into my business, it felt icky selling my design services to somebody who even really wanted it. Having everything be so digital on a phone or the computer screen when there’s so much world out there – “how would this benefit them as a person?” “would this change their life?” were the questions that also probed my mind. Because if you know me, you know I like that stuff and I would like it to. I like thinking about long-term and overarching themes and human & soul growth. The things that touch the heart. But how would my measly design business with services like creating a website or updating their branding make that much of a difference?

Then I took a trip.

And what that trip gave me was the answer.

I’m learning I am creating these *things* to run & build on their own.  To be sustainable. To be easy. In order…. for them to live more life. And that feels perfectly aligned with who I am because that’s what I want too.

I took a trip with a great friend (who also owns her own business) out to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee while maintaining and having my services available to those who are searching for them. I’ll return after 5 days in the blue misty mountains to a business that has continued to run while I’ve been off the grid. All due to an optimized digital presence of a website, understanding clients that know that life is to be lived, & a husband that tells me to go have fun while he takes care of things at home. And the real kicker… is that I want YOU to have the exact same thing. I’ll root for you to have a sustainable business just as I’d root for myself.

I want your website experience to be one you love & that grows on its own, for your brand to have a lasting loyal effect on long-term customers, for photos to offer usability in all visual areas for ease & consistency. I want something that will be long-lived and benefit you in the best way I know how.. so you can go live. And that’s what I can offer you.

I’m no longer apologizing for selling this to you. I’m no longer belittling myself for offering a service that grows, sustains, and maintains business growth. So please… take it. Or take it from someone else if you vibe better with them – but take it and go on the trip, be with family, take a day (heck, a week) off and do something you love. That’s what I love to see from you, from the people I love.

So sorry, I’m really not sorry.

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