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an annual membership that provides web hosting management for the entire year. This membership could include sign up & creation, servicing and management, and tracks renewal periods so your website remains active and fully functioning.

Providing service to any error or issue you may incur throughout the year with your domain, hosting, or records that pertain to your hosting or web platform on an as needed basis.

current subscriptions & renewals


custom email & server connections

Platform Updates and/or changes

SSL certificates

hosting & domain fixes


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You are a new owner in need a hosting platform for your domain and your custom email address.  You're not sure where to start, how to connect that to your website platform or to your mail server! We can help you get started so everything works seamlessly.

You're an existing owner that wants it out of your hands and to someone knowledgeable - we track your domain renewals and redirects, your DNS records, your mail servers and fix any changes that come up so you get to focus on your business the way it should be.

per year

Squarespace domains
++ beyond ++

for platforms such as:

12-months  of service starts the day payment is made


/  website hosting

Creating and initializing your domain hosting, and/or keeping your domain subscriptions current and active by tracked renewals and subscriptions.

Creating your customized email address from your domain and providing step-by-step instructions in order to use it seamlessly in your business.

Managing any updates or changes you make to your website structure, platform, and or email that would result in redirections, new domains, new DNS records and more.

An SSL certificate is a data file hosted in a website's origin hosting site. This provides added security and trust in your website that authenticates a website's identity and enables an encrypted connection. We make sure you have your certificate subscription & enabled for your domain.

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