I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with a local hairstylist and color queen, The Mane Claire, in doing a complete elevation in her brand & client experience. After our initial conversation, the first point of attack was to refine & better develop her brand visually. We did this through a Brand Guideline & Logo Design and solidified her visual elements in a way that felt like why while creating an elevated & experienced feel to her brand. In doing this, we’re able to create a complete foundation for the rest of our time together and the projects that we complete together.

I’m here to share our initial goodness with you & what else is on our to-do list!

Brand Guideline includes customized Font Styles, Color Palette, Content Inspiration, Keywords, & Photo Editing Style.

Logo Design includes Main Logo, Secondary Logo, Full Logo, and Brand Marks.

On our current project list is the following:

  • Website Design
  • Brand Photography

Find The Mane Claire:

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